It has been a frustrating few weeks on the painting front. The day job has taken over somewhat recently, leaving very little time to paint during the week, and a feeling of complete exhaustion and lack of motivation over the weekends. The bit of painting I have managed to do was a complete disaster. A rescue mission to salvage the canvas is scheduled to take place today. This is the current sorry state of the canvas in question:

Clearly what I had in mind for this canvas did not go to plan. I can reassure that, at no stage of the painting process, was it meant to look like this! In some respects it would be better if the canvas still looked as it did in this previous photograph of my studio post spring clean:

The one good thing to come out of this minor disaster is that I can really let loose and chuck some paint around this canvas. There is literally nothing to lose and therefore no need to feel precious about what is already there. We will see how this progresses over the weekend...

#Workinprogress #WIP #Studio

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