During a recent weekend away at Scarborough I took the following photograph in the Harbour bar cafe:

The corner where the two mirrored panels meet, and continually reflect one another, the light, and the interior of the cafe, really caught my attention and inspired some new ideas that I would like to explore further.

I have never really used actual reflections in my work before, although the conceptual basis of my work is about memories, history, and reflecting on experiences and influences. I have used repeated patterns, colours and shapes in my work to represent these concerns before. The idea of using mirrored reflections is something that I feel could easily be incorporated into, and enhance the visual communication of, the concept of memories and the past.

I like the idea of juxtaposing mirrors to create an infinite reflection, and the resulting illusion of repeating images within a single composition which, although seemingly the same, are never an exact replica. I am going to try and do some experimental work in my sketchbook and see if anything interesting arises that I could further develop.

I have been painting today (not much but some!). Unfortunately what I have done has not gone to plan in the slightest. The canvas I had been working on is currently mocking me from the corner of the studio where it is propped up to dry in a bedraggled state. I have already started to formulate a rescue plan to try to bring it back from the brink of disaster.

I think that I maybe needed something to go awry on a painting to give me fresh inspiration. It is funny how something going completely wrong can stoke the creative fires. Let painting battle commence...

#Scarborough #Seaside #Inspiration

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