Sunny Scarborough

All painting activity was put on hold this bank holiday weekend as I made my annual pilgrimage to Scarborough:

This is where I studied for my degree and I always enjoying going back to visit. The weekend got off to a good start with the view from the hotel room:

Although the seagulls camped directly outside the window were not so good when they started squawking from dawn onwards each morning!:

I did not do any sketching whilst I was there, but I did set aside time to take photographs of some of the details that caught my attention during my visit. I am trying to keep an archive of images that I can refer to for inspiration, whether it be for subject matter, shapes or colour. Here is a selection of the images that have now been added to my archive:


Old signs


Architectural details




Harbour Bar Cafe

Returning from the seaside feeling refreshed and inspired I hope to progress the paintings that are currently stacked around the studio in various unfinished states. I also have some ideas for new artworks that I am going to try and develop using my sketchbook.

#Scarborough #Seaside #Inspiration

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