Spring has sprung...

...well at least it has done over the past week or so. At last! This winter seems to have been particularly long and cold. I am definitely more of a summer person (I tend to be more motivated and inspired when the sun is shining) so this change in seasons cannot come quickly enough. I really noticed the shift from winter to spring the other week when, seemingly out of nowhere, trees that I walk past everyday were suddenly in blossom after months of being bare and grey looking:

I am hoping that the sent of spring in the air will have a positive effect on my artistic endeavours. I have really struggled over the past couple of months to build up, or maintain, any sort of momentum. The productivity cogs are now slowly, and reluctantly, starting to turn, and I am viewing the change of season as a good excuse to put my bad winter painting habits behind me. An important part of this is to not dwell upon, or regret, all of the opportunities to paint I have squandered over the past couple of months.

As part of this process I have decided to put the series of paintings based on local scenes and landscapes I had planned to work on this year on a semi-permanent hiatus. Part of my lack of productivity seems to stem from the fact that I have become too concerned, and focussed, on how to arrange fragments of different images into one composition. By making things theoretically so complicated it has all but paralysed me from physically putting paintbrush to canvas.

In light of this I have decided to work on a series of paintings based around single, simple images. Two are going to be based on natural forms, and one on a repeated pattern design. By simplifying my approach in the short term I hope to re-establish a regular painting routine. I am optimistic that these interim works will, in some way, help to inform my longer term painting ambitions.

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