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After a rather relaxed Easter weekend I am now looking to jump back into my artwork with renewed energy and enthusiasm. As it was so helpful during March, I have decided to create another 'to-do' list for April. Here are my plans for the month ahead:

  • Tidy and rationalise studio space . I actually did this yesterday. De-cluttering and re-arranging has already led to a hopefully more conducive working environment. The light from the window now falls directly onto the easel, materials are better stored and more accessible, and there is wall space available to hang all of the unfinished canvases vying for my attention:

  • Complete this painting... (and get at least half way through zoo painting number two - which is currently the partially painted green canvas to the far left of the studio photograph)

  • Make a handmade card for a friend. I need to try and do this today as I have failed to get on with it over the Easter weekend

  • Finally get back to this painting...the first step being to finish a large scale sketch of a long demolished building. The second step will then involve working from some of my own photographs to begin the layering process from which the painting will really start to develop:

  • Continue to use this try and complete a sketch a day. I want this to become far more focussed so that I am sketching things to directly inform the paintings that I want to produce as part of this series. This means being far more selective with the images I select as sketching subjects. This is not all bad as I get to carry on looking through all of these lovely local history books!:

I have decided to publish a 'to-do' list again as it was a great motivating factor during March. By publishing a list, and making others aware of my intentions, it means that I have to accept my productivity successes and failures. Cheating my way to productivity by deleting things from the list is not possible; something which would probably be a temptation if the list were to remain private!

I have tried to keep the list at a manageable and realistic level, the plan being that I can build the 'to-do' list up month by month to focus my practice and increase productivity. If I ever do eventually want to become self-employed I am all too aware that it is going to require a lot a self-discipline. This is a, very gentle, step towards being able to do this.

Better get cracking (no Easter egg style pun intended!).

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