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Saying that my painting output today has been minimal would, sadly, be a more than generous appraisal. I have painted a new canvas green and planned, although am yet to execute, the next two stages of the painting. That is it - poor I know.

Hopefully I will get cracking tomorrow. I often have days like this when I get time off work, although there are a few more days of potential painting still to come so I am not going to get too disheartened just yet.

I have been partly distracted today by hunting (somewhat unsuccessfully) for Easter eggs, and by a phone call regarding an opportunity for artists in Leicestershire and Rutland.

During my stricken search for chocolate eggs in the city centre this afternoon I did notice, between dashing between shops in the rain, the increasing number of empty retail units. These units seem to dilapidate into a drab state of semi-disrepair so quickly when unoccupied. I therefore think that this is a brilliant initiative to brighten up the city centre until new tenants are found.

I was only talking about considering community art projects in this post a couple of weeks ago. Although never intended to be used for a project such as this, my new body of work could be ideal for this project. Sadly I will not get the work completed in time for the application deadline. I know that this as I have still only just started the first painting!

Luckily I have some other paintings in my archives that could also potentially be suitable. I certainly want to enter an application if only to show my support for this kind of project in the local area. For a city the size of Leicester there are surprisingly few opportunities for visual artists to showcase their work in a very accessible and immediate way to a wide audience.

I wanted to post this in case there are any other local artists reading who would also be interested in submitting an application for this project. It will be fantastic to have artworks in place to peruse during shopping trips in the city centre during the summer. Hopefully the weather will have improved by then and people will really be able to stop to look at, and enjoy, the exhibits.

This is the kind of opportunity that I should really always be looking out for and responding to. Whether my work is accepted or not does not bother me, I just hope that the project organisers get a good response and an interesting collection of work to exhibit. What will upset me is if I fail to get an application in at all! Another thing to add to my list of things to do...

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