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Whilst waiting for the ground to dry on a new painting, I thought that I would look back to see what, if anything, I have achieved during the past month. When I wrote that post I was very much in the depths of a creative and productive slump. I now feel that I have worked my way out of this and have several active projects on the go!

In summary the following was achieved during March:

  • The canvas for a new painting based around a photograph I took at my recent zoo visit is now prepped and ready to go. I have just started another canvas based on the same visit (this is drying as I type this) - progress report to follow shortly. I am hoping to bring this first Frog painting to more or less of a conclusion over the Easter weekend:

  • I am starting on a one-off bespoke greeting card design that I need to finish for next weekend (nothing like the pressure of a deadline to get moving). This was a Mothering Sunday card that I managed to get completed in time!:

  • I have had some photographs developed and am trying to pull together a design to roll out to produce a limited edition run of handmade cards. Only done some very basic sketches for this so far. Still a way to go to realise my ideas for this project

  • I have reinstated sketchbook work into my schedule and will try and stick more rigidly to a sketch a day (I might optimistically try and finish off one sketch and complete another one today). Although I have only managed to complete another two sketches I am hoping to do at least another few over this weekend.

  • I have dusted down, and stuck back onto the drawing board, a sketch for yet another much delayed painting but this has still not moved any further. I am hopeful the distraction projects listed above will eventually feed into this bigger project and result in a more informed body of work.

Progress on 3 / 5 not too bad, although admittedly I could try harder! At least I have managed to achieve some of my ideal objectives by the end of the month (or at least make a start on some of them). I certainly feel more motivated, inspired and productive than I did a month ago.

I often work from lists in other aspects of my life, but never really used them before with my art work. This is something that I should certainly do going forward. Not only will it hopefully motivate and focus my attention, but will also act as a reminder of what progress is being made even when I don't feel that there has been any!

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