Hidden gems

During my recent foray back into the world of card making I have re-discovered my stash of card making materials:

This is only a small selection of items that I have unearthed. This collection has been accumulated slowly over a number of years (although there was a burst of purchasing when a local craft supply shop had a closing down sale!).

Now that I have started to make cards again it is nice to go through this collection of bits and bobs (some of which I cannot even remember buying!) to see how I might use them differently now that I have incorporated sewing into my card marking repertoire.

In a bit of a tenuous link I also recently discovered the following gems to be used as inspiration for my latest body of work about local places and landmarks:

Weathered brickwork


Architectural details


Old signs

These are all things that I pass daily, on my walk to and from work, but had previously overlooked (partly because I am so familiar with the surroundings I pass everyday I am no longer really looking). I am going to keep my eyes peeled for any other inspirational details that I walk past regularly but usually ignore because of over-familiarity. It just goes to show that inspiration really is only just around the corner.

This eye-opening exercise was inspired by the post I read on the blog of a friend. After enviously reading about her walk along the cliffs into town, verses my walk predominantly around an inner-city ring road, it made me wonder if my surroundings really are as dull as I thought. Turns out that they are not.

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