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My previously stated intention of completing a sketch a day in a new sketchbook clearly did not quite go to plan. Never one to give up on a challenge I have now, since this first post, managed to complete another two sketches:

I am not particularly pleased with either of these sketches, although I am glad that I have stuck to my original brief of completing the drawings in pen and having to work with and around any mistakes/inaccuracies.

The main problem is the drawings are very static. I am still being very precious with the drawings and worrying about making mistakes. The lack of fluidity means that inaccuracies are highlighted and the images look awkward. This leads to the drawings lacking character and the spark of originality that can developed and incorporated into a final painting.

The new plan of action is to focus in on much smaller details of the images that I am working from. By dealing with very specific elements I hope to loosen up my drawing so that I can start to hone in on interesting shapes, lines and forms.

I think that I have been very much trying to run before I can walk with these sketches and worrying too much about the whole rather than the sum of the parts. By becoming too concerned about the image as a whole I have neglected the chance to really experiment and let go. The final images have subsequently become neither useful exercises or quality artworks in their own right.

I will try and track the progress of this sketchbook over the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see how the sketches evolve as I draw more regularly. I suspect that the more that I continue to draw regularly the looser my style will become, resulting in better quality lines and leading to interesting shapes and a more personalised codification. By referring back to these earlier sketches at a later date I will be able to see whether or not this has been the case.

I will aim to do another couple of sketches today. In order to really start to make this sketchbook a useful resource I am also going to allow myself to use pencil. The same rules will apply though - no erasing mistakes!

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