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Following my recent considerations of site specific work I stumbled across the following photographs of a mural painting that I was commissioned to do for the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus, Students' Union:

There was not much creativity involved in producing this piece; the brief was very much to recreate the existing logo on a large scale on the wall outside the Union rooms. The one thing I was able to do was reduce the size of the background slightly, and extend the yellow 'flashes' (not exactly re-inventing the wheel I realise but at least I did manage to put a bit of my own twist on it!).

This was a fairly big mural and I to used a mini scaffold to work on. I enjoyed the process involved in completing this project. As the logo was obviously very graphic based it involved large areas of flat, even colour. There was something satisfying about mixing big vats of colour. I mix and keep smaller jars of colour even when I paint now so as not to run out of the exact colour mix at a crucial moment (this has happened in the past and the only way to rectify it is to repaint the whole area as, no matter how hard you try, you can never get the exact same match again!).

Around the same time (early summer 2002) I also had an opportunity to be artist in residence at a local primary school for an 'art week'. This coincided with the Queen's jubilee so, as part of the week, I worked with the children to create a large scale portrait of the Queen:

I basically drew the outline, mixed up a few colours, and then allowed to children to paint the image using handprints, and then brushes and glitter for the details. The children were only 5 and 6 and seemed really pleased with the result. Hopefully I may have inspired some of them to take up painting?

I often forget that I did these two short projects, and so stumbling across these photographs was a nice surprise. I should maybe consider getting involved in some community art projects again as I feel that this would motivate and inspire me within my own practice.

As one of my current projects is based around local areas, scenes and buildings past and present a consideration of public art at this point does not seem entirely inappropriate Somehow installing artwork to become part of the environment I have been inspired by is definitely worth investigating. Now that I have made a slow start to recovering from my recent productivity slump I need to strike whilst the creative irons are hot and get cracking on acting on at least some of my plans!

#Communityart #Artistinresidence #Collaborativeart

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