In situ

I have finally seen the painting I completed in December as a Christmas present in situ...

Not a great quality photographs but you get the general idea (the wallpaper is more lilac than implied in the photographs).

This was a painting effectively 'made to order'. The recipients wanted a painting to match the decor and colour scheme of their newly decorated bedroom. As I had only seen the room once prior to undertaking the painting, and did not have the opportunity to take any photographs or colour notes., I had to rely on my memory to try and make sure that the work would compliment its surroundings.

I am pleased with how the colours in the painting work within the space. I also like the contrast of the floral imagery in the painting with the floral pattern of the soft furnishings. Site-specific work was something that was discussed and explored very briefly in a mini-project I completed as a student, and would be something that I would consider doing again in the future.

Although this painting was more along the lines of interior decoration than site specific, it has definitely made me consider producing work to fit into very specific locations and/or environmental conditions.

Creating site specific work is a very different thought process from how I produce paintings at the moment. My current paintings become objects within their own right rather than particularly interacting with their surroundings. Although I do not have time to fully explore this concept at the moment, it is certainly something to keep on a back burner in the background for future contemplation and possible implementation.

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