The plan to start making handmade greeting cards again this year is most definitely on. My first foray into card making in a good few years was a Mothering Sunday card:

All of my previous handmade cards had been mini collages; this is the first one to feature any sewing. I am pleased with the result, although quite obviously I will not be competing for the title of worlds greatest sewer quite just yet! I do however feel that there is mileage in continuing to create handmade cards incorporating collage and sewing techniques. I feel that the more I practice sewing the better I will become. This skill will obviously take time to develop but I am willing to be patient.

Using old fabrics, either donated to me or found very cheaply in charity shops, is an interesting base to make cards from. It creates a definite starting point from which to develop designs so that each card, although similar in style, is unique. The idea is that each card becomes a mini-artwork in its own right.

I have already started to work on some other design ideas, including incorporating paint into the mix:

This design is not really resolved so I have stuck it into a sketchbook for future reference for now. I think that the idea of using paint is a workable one so this is hopefully a transitional piece that will inform what comes next.

My strategic plan for making cards is to create three basic designs that I can create a general stock of, and supplement these with bespoke designs either made to order or for my own personal use. As I get moving on this hopefully I can create a bit of a production line that to have elements of the designs at various points of completion for a consistent turnover.

If anyone has any tips on getting a mini sewing machine up and running please let me know (don't be shy!). It will certainly help to speed up production, although I would like to still maintain a presence of hand sewing within the designs.

I am hoping that this work will compliment my painting practice, the plan being that , by working on the cards if I am not in the mood for painting (and vice-versa), I have no excuse not to do anything!

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