Less inspiration - more perspiration!

I am hopeful I have finally started to come to the end of my recent drought of any tangible artistic output. The following is now either in action or pretty much primed ready to be commenced:

  • The canvas for a new painting based around a photograph taken at my recent zoo visit is now prepped and ready to go

  • I am starting on a one-off bespoke greeting card design that I need to finish for next weekend (nothing like the pressure of a deadline to get moving)

  • I have had some photographs developed and am trying to pull together a design to roll out to produce a limited edition run of handmade cards

  • I have reinstated my schedule and will try and stick more rigidly to a sketch a day (I might optimistically try and finish off one sketch and complete another one today)

  • I have dusted down, and stuck back onto the drawing board, a sketch for a much delayed painting.

This post can hopefully be seen, in conjunction with the last two, as a definite end to the cycle of my current creative block. I will aim for my next post to feature some actual new work. Whatever form this takes I don’t care as long as something, not matter how successful or unsuccessful, has been undertaken.

I thought that it would be useful to try and document at least some of this period of inactivity to look back on in the months to come. Reading these posts back at a later date might help me to recover from a similar creative slump far quicker in the future and, more significantly, looking back at these will make me realise what time was wasted when I am panicking about a future painting deadline!

After the slump of the last few weeks at least the only way is up. Now is most certainly the time for less flapping and more doing!

#Inspiration #Creativeblock

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