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As my current barren spell on the productivity front (outlined here) stretches into this evening, I thought that I would share with you a link to Michelle Waldele's blog that I have used as a distraction from doing any work this evening.

The quality of the image making of this artist, along with the subject (still life was the focus of my dissertation and a direct influence on elements of my own studio practice), and the level of productivity, has both inspired me and made me feel a bit ashamed at my own lack of actually doing anything recently.

In order to rectify this I am going to draw up a list of things to do. This is going to include drawing, sketching, painting and card making. Going from zero to multiple tasks may seem a bit over optimistic but the reasoning is, if I am not in the mood to do one particular task, there will always be an alternative at hand.

One of the first jobs will be to re-use the larger canvas at the back of this stack:

This is a painting that remains unresolved from a couple of years ago and has been knocking around, unfinished, ever since. It will be somewhat cathartic to finally try and use the frame for good. A zoo inspired painting is planned for this canvas from my visit last weekend.

The realistic plan will be to have actually got at least one thing half-finished by the end of March. Anything more will be a plus. Will let you know how this particular productivity plan pans out!

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