It's NOT grim up t'North!

I visited the Teesside and North Yorkshire area over the weekend. After studying at Scarborough I consider the North Yorkshire coast in particular to be my spiritual home, and often feel a bit depressed as the Midlands looms on the horizon of the M1 on the way back home.

During my weekend excursion I found inspiration in the form of:

My friend's lampshade Paper relief techniques certainly something to consider for future greeting card designs.

The tiling in the corridor to an indoor market in Whitby The patterns from these may well inform the compositional arrangement of a future painting.

Vintage postcards of Scarborough These are of North Bay which has recently been redeveloped. I will take some photos of this scene when I visit later in the year to see if I can develop a painting based on the past and present theme informing my current body of work.

My friend also fixed two holes in my gloves and, in the process, gave me some basic sewing advise. I shall be using this short tutorial to pluck up the courage to try and do a bit of hand stitching myself. Results to be posted at a later date if not too completely embarrassing!

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