The origins of Britney

As promised I am still developing an idea for a Britney Spears portrait. I have a plentiful list of other paintings and projects to be getting on with this year so the likelihood is that this is something that will develop very slowly.

Rather than a 'homage' to Britney I want this painting to be more of a reflection on the cult of celebrity that society still seems to be obsessed with. The different personas presented to the world of Britney (probably depending on how she is being managed by at the time) lends itself to the layering process employed in my painting style. By layering images of Britney at various points in her career it will be possible to present the polished and airbrushed side of her image, alongside the documentation of her breakdown when the public and media continued to inappropriately pursue her.

I have picked Britney for this painting as, despite the many sides we seem to have seen to her, it is still hard to distinguish fact from fiction, and just how in and out of control of her career and life she is.

I am currently building up a collection of images of Britney from various sources. The collection so far is a bit on the skimpy side but I am working on it. I will use these images to create collages which will look to explore how multiple images can be juxtaposed, interrelated and superimposed. My initial plan at the minute is to focus on the area around the face on smallish part of the canvas and have graphic/patterned areas of flat colour across the rest of the canvas.

I am hoping to use and develop the system I adopted to create the central figure in my painting Knoll:


Acrylic on canvas


This central figure evolved from sketching the subject from three different angles, and then superimposing all three images and trying to make sense of the resulting chaos:

And finally translating the sketch into paint on the canvas with an additional element:

The Britney painting is still very much in the planning stages but, as it develops, it will be interesting to refer back to this post to see how closely or not I have followed my initial plans.

My first completed painting of 2010 is soon to be revealed (the undertaking of which explains my absent blogging). Now time to stop the typing and carry on the painting.

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