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Life has been quite hectic since the start of this year and I am trying (and mostly failing) to juggle painting with work, socialising, house maintenance and other commitments. In the time that I am getting to paint progress on the secret painting project is lurching towards, hopefully, completion. This currently leaves no real time to fully immerse myself in my major body of work based on local scenes past and present.

In an effort to prevent coming to a complete full stop with this new body of work I have designated the following sketchbook and new sketching pens to creating some quick studies to hone my drawing skills and play around with shapes and pictorial space:


I invested in the pens last weekend in an effort to loosen up my drawing and be a bit less precious with the studies that I am able to do. The use of pens is unforgiving - mistakes have to be worked with and around. I am usually very precise in both drawings and paintings and it is liberating, and also a bit scary, to lose some of the control afforded by working in paint and graphite where mistakes can be erased or hidden.

The plan is to try and do a quick sketch a day and not to cover over or rip out the sketches that go wrong. This is the first sketch of this new regime:


I am the first to admit that this is not particularly good, not helped by the fact that I always feel nervous defacing the first page of a brand new, pristine, previously untouched, sketchbook! I am being brave however and, not only leaving this as the first page, but showing it on here! As I continue to complete these sketches I hope to loosen up and begin to develop my own codification.

I used to do a lot more sketching and it is definitely true that the more you practice the better the quality of the lines and forms. As a system is developed for depicting shapes and space over time I hope that my own personal codification will begin to emerge and evolve. I will keep you posted on progress.

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