Location, location, location

I have finally got round to taking some more research photographs in and around the city centre for my current body of work. This is what used to be on New Walk...


...and this is what is there now:


It is nice to know what was once there, and a real shame that it was demolished. Along similar lines this (currently unused building) used to be a row of terraces with a corner shop:


In amongst the new buildings and redevelopment there is however still some evidence of the areas history:


I think that this building is now student accommodation. It is one of the few that was not completely demolished. It is interesting to see the scars on the side of building where it was joined by another building (possibly a row of terrace cottages?).

Taking some new location shots has proved slightly problematic during the recent Baltic weather. Not only has the light been very dull but I had no inclination to venture outside unnecessarily! Although sunny today it was still very cold so I did not manage to visit as many places as I had hoped (the need for warmth outweighed the need for more images).

I have enough source material to be working from for now so I am going to leave any further external shots until early spring when hopefully I can take some images in bright sunlight, capture some interesting shadows in and around the buildings and locations, and, more importantly, keep warm!. The first area to visit on this excursion will be the location of whole shopping street that was demolished in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Plan for tomorrow - full day on a secret painting project.

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