Slow and steady...

...wins the race - so I've heard. Good job really as my actual physical painting output has been somewhat minimal so far this year. There has been lots of action in the background, though, mostly of the procrastinating variety admittedly. To prove that something tangible is now coming to fruition here is a sneaky peek at the first painting that will form part of my 'local Leicester scenes past and present' body of work:

This is obviously still at the very early stages and this is only the first couple of layers which I am using as a basis for the main image. Some areas of this will remain visible, others will be painted over with thin layers of paint so that the texture is still evident, whilst the remaining sections will eventually be completely obscured.

I developed the technique employed for this painting base from previous sample piece. I was not sure how well it would work (despite previously trying it out) but that is all part of the fun. I am using a canvas with a brown ground as a base that has been hanging around my studio gathering dust for a few years. It is somewhat satisfying to see it finally be put to use.

The next stages of this painting are too complete a drawing of a lovely old building that used to be by the railway station. This will be juxtaposed with imagery sourced from this photograph of a less than aesthetically pleasing block of flats that now resides on the same plot of land:

Quite a way to go with this one but it is exciting to finally try and put some of theoretical plans into action.

A secret painting project has progressed over the weekend (thank goodness). Still a fair way to go but I feel confident with the direction that it is taking (obviously until something inevitably goes wrong!). The timescale to get it finished is still the main cause of concern at the minute. The results of this project will be posted once that it no longer needs to be secret!

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