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My obsession with local history (sparked by a book I purchased one Christmas for my Grandad many years ago) continues apace. Weather permitting I am hoping to spend part of this weekend taking site specific photographs based on images of various locations found amongst the following stack of local history books:

I have been reading through all of these on and off for over a year now. Each time that I look through them I seem to find something new to peruse that I had seemingly missed on previous occasions. I have plenty of starting points for new paintings, and taking very focussed and angled photographs is hopefully the last part of the information gathering faze.

I found the following image in the local newspaper on Wednesday evening that has initiated plans for yet another painting to form part of my new body of work:

As it describes in the caption these buildings (on a still very nice walkway in Leicester) were 'doomed' to be demolished to make way for a somewhat less aesthetically pleasing office block. I am planning to photograph same area as it looks now but from the opposite angle. The idea is to then juxtapose the two images into a single composition and simultaneously represent two periods of time . Not quite sure how it will work yet but I am willing to give it a whirl.

In other painting news work on a secret new piece has recommenced in earnest. I am hoping to get a fair amount of it underway this weekend to 'break the back of it' so to speak. Just need to make sure that I am disciplined and do not get distracted by geekily leafing through the local history books yet again!

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