Bargains hunted!

As mentioned here my plan to peruse local charity shops to replenish my stash of inspirational ‘stuff’ has commenced. There is a focus on printed fabrics and lace at the moment to incorporate into my new series of paintings, although anything else that catches my eye (such as old books and toys) is also fair game.

I only had chance for a brief perusal in one charity shop during a lunch break but managed to come away with:

20p pillowcases

Love the print on the left hand side. Not too sure about the one on the right hand side but decided that I would rather buy for 20p and regret than not buy at all. I am sure that it will come in useful at some point.

45p ‘tablecloth’

I am not sure if this actually is a tablecloth, or how effective it would be for this purpose, but it was in the ‘tablecloth’ box in the shop. I think that I can make good use of this in my next series of paintings, and it is quite sturdy so I should be able to use it for several pieces.

I also managed to replenish my stock of lace the other week from the local habadashary shop:

All of these were purchased for pence rather than pounds after rifling through their sales shelf. They are all odds and ends of varying lengths but perfect for my requirements.

Not much actual paintings to show at the minute, although work continues on the secret project, and I have started sketching plans for the major new body of work.

PS From browsing through various blogs it is somewhat of a relief to realise that there are other hoarders of ‘stuff’ around. I had started to be less hoarderlike but now feel encouraged to reignite my pursuit of ‘stuff’. I need and will use more ‘stuff’ – honest!

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