The past couple of months have seen an influx of house visitors for various dinners, drinks and general catching up (thank you for visiting if you are reading this!). As I am lucky enough to reside in a property that has picture rails in the majority of rooms I am able to easily display, and regularly rotate, some of my stock of completed paintings.

This has proven to be an effective way of introducing people to my work and has possibly resulted in both sales and commissions. One of the more interesting comments I had was regarding the following painting (a transitional sample piece):

It was interesting that the person, who had not really seen any of my work before, seemed drawn to and commented on this piece; particularly as it was displayed beside other works which I consider to be more resolved. I naturally continue to produce these transitional ‘sample pieces’ as I develop work and investigate new techniques. It is a revelation that people are not only interested in seeing these pieces, but would also be intrigued enough to possibly want to own them.

It is great that I have received interest in some of my existing paintings, and exciting to have the prospect of further commissions. I used to steadfastly stick to my own practice but over the past couple of years have started to enjoy the challenge of responding to somebody else’s requirements and specification.

Have I ‘sold out’ and become a commercialist slave? Not quite yet as, quite selfishly, my own practice is still my priority, but give it time…

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