Size matters?!

Part of my plan to make 2010 one of my most productive painting years to date is to work on smaller canvases. I have generally worked on fairly large canvases (roughly 1.5 x A1 size) where the temptation to create complex, and time consuming, compositions is too much for me to resist.

Over the past year I have started to work on smaller canvases (around A3 size and below). Working on a smaller scale has allowed me to be more productive; the restrictive size forcing me to be more focussed and concise in my image making.

My natural compulsive disposition means that concision does not come easily to me, so I figure that working on smaller canvases is another way to challenge myself.

All that said, on a recent visit to here (my favourite local art supply store), I had the opportunity of a lift home and had to take full advantage by purchasing these larger canvases:

Not sure what I will be doing with all of these yet (although one of the larger canvases is earmarked for a Britney Spears portrait - yes, really!). The two skinny canvases will hopefully become amongst the first in my new series of 'Leicester paintings' based on local landmarks past and present.

My latest painting, currently under construction, is on a canvas roughly A3 size. Progress is fairly slow, due to seasonal celebrations and socialising, but it is definitely starting to come together. An end of January deadline for this one currently still seems realistic, but don't hold me to that!

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