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Happy New Year to all - here's hoping that 2010 is a good one for all! As we all look forward to the New Year I thought that I would conversely take a nostalgic look back to 2002 and my degree show exhibition. During the recent exchanges of festive greetings a contemporary from my degree course commented that, after looking at my latest paintings on this very blog, they had noticed connections to the work that I completed during my final year at University.

This prompted me to dig out my photo album from University (from the pre-digital camera days!) and take a look through what I was up to 8/9 years ago.

I managed to unearth the blurb that appeared about my work in the show catalogue:

I also found the following photographs of the three paintings that I exhibited at the show (unfortunately not great quality as they are scanned photographs):


Acrylic on canvas



Acrylic on canvas



Acrylic on canvas


It is interesting to look back at these. My final year of University was definitely when I felt as though I found my 'visual voice'. I can remember reaching a point where I felt confident in the work that I was creating, and as a result took more risks with compositional arrangements, painting techniques, and the use of colour.

I still very much use similar processes to make images as I did then, although now I take even more risks on both a practical and conceptual basis. I think that I also paint in a more confident manner, not being afraid to make mistakes. Indeed it is often when something goes wrong, and the adrenaline kicks in, that I get a real 'buzz' from painting.

I am never fully satisfied with a final painting as there are always areas that I feel I could improve upon. I am now better at 'letting go' of paintings than I used to be. I also like to exploit 'happy accidents' and leave more of the architecture of the painting visible. This may result in very textural areas of over-painting, or leaving various 'layers' of the painting process visible.

I do not think that I will ever create a 'perfect 'painting because, as soon as I come toward the end of a painting, there are always sections that I know I can improve upon when working on the next painting.

Plans are well underway for my 2010 studio practice. I have already started work on a top secret project that I am aiming to complete by the end of January.

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