Just like a dream... wonder what you've seen, just like a prayer... - enough of that already!

What I've seen is images of Madonna circa 1989; what I've wondered is if I am ever going to get my painting of Madonna completed?!

This is a painting that I had a request for in early 2006, didn't start until at all until summer 2009, and which after a single painting session was put aside in favour of exhibition submission paintings.

After a few days focussed attention I am pleased to report that the painting is now finally completed:

The relative simplicity of this image has been its main challenge. - there was nothing to hide observational inaccuracies behind! It also took a while to find a flattering image of Madonna that was not too overexposed or clichéd. Hopefully I have succeeded?

This is the second pop star portrait that I have been asked to complete, the first being of Cher. Both requests were for portraits in a Pop Art style which was lucky for me as this is art movement has been a big influence on my work and aesthetic sensibilities.

I am considering doing a portrait of Britney Spears (I have no shame!) but am carefully considering what image to use as a starting point. I think that this could provide an interesting subject to explore the nature of celebrity in the twenty-first century. If I do go ahead with this I would want to explore the possibility of layering and integrating images to make something more complex than a straight-forward 'poster image'.

This will be a bit of a pet project whilst I undertake other work so could take some time. I will keep you posted on progress.

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