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As the New Year approaches, and I reach a bit of a natural lull after meeting various deadlines, I have started to have a bit of a tidy up in the studio both emotionally and physically.

This means rifling through and sorting various bits and bobs, including piles of paper, books, materials and sketches. I can't mislead you; this is not always the most efficient of operations and often involves very little tidying and more getting distracted regularly reading old catalogues, articles and magazines!

As part of this process I have rediscovered the following canvases which have inadvertently set me up for the next month or so of painting:

All four canvases are works which I had squirreled away because I had either got another painting deadline to meet, had hit a creative block with how to resolve them, or had lost all enthusiasm all together. Of these canvases:

  • I am planning to complete the marble painting. This is a simple image that I started three years ago but, after an initial painting session, never came back to. I think that it will be a useful piece to hone my observational skills

  • The cabbage patch doll painting was a test piece that got cast aside when I got onto painting a larger canvas of another doll with hair. This piece has some nice textural elements to it already so I am planning to use it as a sample piece to experiment with textures and colours

  • The brown canvas is one I have had for ages and not done anything on other than paint the basic bas colour. This one is earmarked as the first of my new large body of work for 2010

  • The wood painting is a canvas that I worked on in 2007. It was during a period when I was looking at natural forms. My work has now evolved from this and I am not very keen on the image as it was abandoned rather than resolved. I am planning to use the canvas again as it is a nice size so I am afraid that this painting is on it's way to the scrap heap. You can't win them all!

The following painting 'Daydream' is one which I completed for an open exhibition submission back in 2005:

Since moving house a couple of years ago this one had remained wrapped up and hidden amongst a selection of other paintings. I rediscovered it during a desperate hunt for some bubble wrap a couple of weeks ago.

Although I don't think that, by any stretch, this is one of my best paintings, I do think that it is a work which explored the complex layering of different source material. It is a painting which I am now going to keep visible in my studio for a while as a visual aid for my new body of work. This is going to be a series of paintings which, amongst other things, will explore the layering of objectsspace and playing with visual perceptions.

Meanwhile the Madonna painting is well underway (although she currently looks as though she has had a bodged nose job and lip filler - not entirely inaccurate some may argue!?). I hope to be able to premiere the finished painting by the end of this week!

Plenty to keep me busy in the break between Christmas and New Year then!

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