In time for Father Christmas

The most recent painting completed in the studio was for another Christmas present, requested just over a week before the big day! After a few late night painting sessions I managed to meet yet another deadline (by the skin of my teeth; it was wrapped on Christmas morning!):

The brief for this was to create an artwork to fit into the colour scheme of a newly decorated bedroom. I took a bit of a risk as I had only seen the bedroom once, and had not taken any colour reference notes or photographs. The recipients seemed pleased with the result and have subsequently advised that the painting really fits into the space. I will check this out for myself imminently.

I really enjoyed painting this one. It seemed to come together relatively easily, despite some minor setbacks., and has re-ignited my interest in texture and the disruption of pattern through a layered painting process.

During the next week I shall be working on the Madonna painting (which I previously mentioned here). I am hoping to (finally) get it completed. I will also set about devising my plan of action for the next 12 months; I need to make sure that I come bursting out of the painting blocks at the start of January with enthusiasm and organisation.

Can I devise a schedule to eliminate last minute deadline panics? Probably not - it is all part of the fun!

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