The final judgement

I finally received the results from my Nottingham Open submission, the last of the exhibitions that I entered this year with the following paintings:

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful on this occasion, but am now on their mailing list to automatically receive an application form for next year (every cloud and all that!). I am pleased with my productivity on the painting front this year, and now have numerous goals for exhibition submissions during 2010. I am even going to invest in a diary to try and make sure that I meet all deadlines as appropriate.

I can now hear a blank canvas, paint, brushes, a sample fabric, lace, paper and pencils calling... ...a painting to try and complete in time for Christmas day! Not sure how realistic it will be to get this one completed in time but will keep you posted.

#FineArt #Painting #Acrylic #Exhibition #CabbagePatchDolls #NottinghamCastle

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