Camp it up

Happy (and relieved) to report that I managed to get the VW Camper Van painting completed in time. 'Camper' has now been safely received and viewed by the new owner (we had an early Christmas celebration and gift exchange this weekend!):

This is the first time that I have painted from a real vehicle (as opposed to from a 'toy' version) and I am quite pleased with the result. Completing paintings where the subject has been set by somebody else is always challenging; trying to find a balance between the expectations of the new owner and my own personal artistic practice. I think that I have managed to achieve this within 'Camper', and am pleased with the juxtaposition of textures, representation and abstraction.

I think that working on specific requests certainly helps to focus my attention. It results in a simplicity that is not so evident within my own personal artistic practice, but is a discipline which can be adapted and applied to these more complex works.

The 'camp' theme continues as I try to complete a painting of Madonna (which I still haven't finished despite being asked to do it longer ago than I care to admit). There is also the small mater of another painting to complete as a Christmas present for somebody's newly decorated bedroom!

The rest of December is going to be busy...

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