Save our heritage!

Taking a break from trying to complete the previously mentioned VW Camper Van painting, I have been reading the local paper and noticed this article.

As part of my new project of work described I have taken photographs of both Bowstring Bridge and the Pump and Tap pub during demolition. Alas, I did not make it in time to capture either in thier pre-demolition glory.

It is such a shame that both of these landmarks have now gone. After reading through lots of local history books it seems as though the city planners have learnt nothing from previous concrete horrors built in place of local landmarks under the banner of 'redvelopment'.

Although the demolition of buildings and landmarks such as these is giving me plenty of material to work from in my new body of work, I would much rather have been inspired by the original buildings had they been maintained and preserved.

Enough of this for now - must not get too distracted from the camper van!

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