Missing in action...

...well at least on the blogging front! Although not immediately apparent I am still painting. The VW camper van is nearing completion and must be completed by Friday in order to be handed to the new owner (results to follow shortly).

In terms of open exhibition submissions, the majority of results are now in...

'Bracken' is on display in Leicester until January 2010:

I found out today that 'Bella' was not accepted for inclusion in the Midlands Open exhibition at the Tarpey Gallery exhibition:

This gallery is new to me and looked really nice from what I saw during my brief visit. I will definitely be keeping an eye on what goes on there and put this Open into my schedule of exhibitions to enter for 2010.

I am still waiting to here if either 'Cayley' or 'Clasp' have got into Nottingham Open:

I am not very hopeful that they have been selected as I am sure I would have heard by now if they were successful.

I feel that this year has not only been productive in the amount of work completed, but I have finally managed to start getting my work 'out there' without fear of criticism, judgement or, more scarily, indifference!

I plan to build upon this for 2010 and have started to create an even more ambitious schedule of exhibition submissions. Bring it on!

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