Yet another exhibiting opportunity... be investigated. I am exploring the possibility of entering two of the following paintings into a new Midlands Open exhibition I have just discovered taking place at a gallery in Leicestershire:

All of these paintings are based on upon local myths and legends. This, however, is only referenced through coded signifiers in each work. As the paintings are only given single word titles it will be interesting to see whether or not the selectors pick up on this subject matter.

This is the third open that I will have entered this year; before I have only entered one per year. As I have the work stacked in the studio I thought I might as well try to get as much of it exhibited publicly as I can.

As I have already had one painting exhibited at Open 21 in Leicester I am safe in the knowledge that I have had some selection success this year (even if I am rejected from these remaining two opportunities!). I will find out whether or not I have had work selected for either of these two further exhibitions in December.

I will try to do an update of my latest painting (of a VW camper van) by the end of the weekend. I am making this statement to try and kick-start myself in painting action!

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