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Further to my previous post I managed to send off my application to another Open exhibition. I am not sure I managed to improve on the quality of the photography of the work but not to worry - I tried my best! I will hear whether or not I have had any work selected for this one by mid-December.

One useful exercise completed for this particular application was a new updated artist statement. I managed to rustle up the following:

Artist statement

Working exclusively using acrylic on canvas my work is based on personal, re-imagined, and sometimes exaggerated, memories. By employing traditional techniques an emphasis is placed upon individual skills and codification.

In a similar way to memories the resulting images constantly evolve and alter. During the painting process ideas and methods are explored, exploited and sometimes abandoned.

An intuitive process of building, layering and organising heightened colours, images, patterns and textures creates a painted surface which often omits a reference to a definite space. The marks and symbols employed throughout the painting process are varyingly revealed and concealed; encouraging the viewer to investigate the journey of its creation.

The paintings become a documentation of the period of time and circumstance in which they were created, whilst also referencing something that has gone before. The resulting aesthetic is often challenging, the recognisable and familiar intertwined with the abstract and obscure.

The confrontational nature of the, often brash, resulting aesthetic challenges the viewer to attempt to discover more rather than making an immediate assumption. Just like the recollection of a memory, the layers of the painting need to be fully investigated before an informed judgement can be made.

I tried to make it short and to the point. I wanted the statement to be fairly generic to reference my full painting practice as the two paintings I submitted to the Open are quite different. It was difficult to try and concisely identify what my work is about in an interesting, coherent, and not too pretentious, way. I am not sure if I have succeeded in achieving any of these things?!

Feedback is most welcome regarding this statement as it is very much a starting point; something which I hope to continually evolve and develop. Now back to the practical rather than theoretical side of painting!

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