Another Open submission

I have been momentarily distracted from my rediscovered enthusiasm for a new body of work by another open submission application. I have never entered this open before but thought that, being as I have some newly completed work, I might as well give it a go. The basic application form is simple enough but I am currently pondering the following things:

  • Should I, or should I not, support my application with an artists statement? I am worried that it will simply sound pretentious.

  • When sending digital images of the work what kind of quality is meant by 'good quality''? In other words what resolution should they be?

I am currently trying the improve on the photographic quality of the following images:

A postal submission seemed a much easier process of application at first. On reflection I think that submitting the actual paintings is an easier At least letting the selectors see the works 'in the flesh' means that they can base their opinion solely on the quality of the actual work rather than the photography of them.

On the plus side the pricing of the work is much easier as I only need to state the price I would like to receive from the sale. The gallery then add their commission and VAT on top. I am happy to leave the mathematics to them!

I have until Wednesday to complete and send the application so fingers crossed.

PS I am aware that a bad workmen always blames his tools, but I have decided that my poor attempts at photography are entirely the fault of my tired, old and weary digital camera!

#FineArt #Painting #Acrylic #Exhibition #CabbagePatchDolls

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