The results are in

After much speculation on my part I can confirm and reveal that one of my paintings was selected for the Leicester Open exhibition. Excitingly this breaks the previous curse of full-out non-selection on odd-number ending years - hooray!

My theory of knowing the result based upon receiving a thin or bulkier envelope in the post was blown out of the water this year due to the postal strike. The replacement email from the gallery mid-week mysteriously informed me that 'some or all of my artworks had not been selected'!

On Friday I discovered that one of my paintings had definitely been selected from the bulkier envelope in the post (despite the postal strikes). However, it wasn't until I collected the rejects from the gallery today that I discovered that the selected painting was 'Bracken':

I had thought that this was probably the most likely to get in as it contains references to a local tourist attraction. This hopefully bodes well for my new body of work (that has been in the pipeline for the past year) based upon local landmarks/buildings past and present.

I now have another open exhibition application form to complete and submit before the end of November. I have never entered this particular open before so am not sure what my chances of selection will be.

I am now looking forward to getting immersed in a new body of work, and setting myself some new challenges and targets for 2010.

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