A clean and tidy ship... a happy ship; or so they say. My main priority after submitting the paintings to the open exhibition was to tidy my studio space. The immediate area within which I paint had descended into the following state of 'organised chaos':

In the midst of deadline panic I actually don't mind working with numerous pots/tubes of paint, brushes, rags etc strewn around me. Surprisingly I am able to find things with relative ease. However, in order to refocus my thoughts after completing a body of work, I need to tidy, sort and file. This helps me to create the right environment in which to start a new body of work.

This periodical ritual of clearing, cleaning and tidying helps me to start new paintings with a fresh approach. I find that it also acts as a catalyst to make me explore new ideas, allowing me to continue to develop my practice.

The further along new projects get the messier the space becomes so fingers crossed it won't stay tidy for too long!

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