To be, or not to be (selected)

Today was d-day; the deadline for submitting the paintings I have been working on to a local open art exhibition. I am pleased that I was able to complete the three that I had planned to (although I was still working on them this morning; good job I paint with acrylic and not oil!). Here they are, stacked and ready to be transported, this afternoon:

The three paintings I submitted are (top - bottom: 'Cayley', 'Clasp' and 'Bracken'):

I would be interested for people to take a guess as to which will be selected (if any)?

I find it difficult to predict as the exhibition is selected by a completely different panel of judges each year. I will find out this week if any have 'made the cut'. From previous experience I know that a thin envelope in the post from the gallery is full out rejection, whilst a bulkier envelope equals at least one work in.

I have been both selected and rejected in the past so I can take it. It is highly unlikely that all three will be picked. If any are selected I will have to wait until next Sunday, when I collect the rejects, to find out which one(s) are in.

If anyone makes a correct guess on the selection by commenting below I may be impressed enough to rustle up a small prize!

It is nice to finally let these paintings go and move onto other things. A painting of Madonna and a VW Beetle are next on my list to complete!

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