Progression report - Clasp

I have had a bit more time to paint than normal recently. Finally managing to get the 'Cayley' painting to a more resolved state has allowed me to de-clutter my mind and move onto the 'Clasp' with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

My progress on 'Clasp' was beginning to become somewhat laboured so I took the brave (or stupid) decision to over-paint large areas of the canvas to add more texture and tonal contrasts. This is always a risky strategy but, as I was not really able to resolve the painting as it was, a necessary one.

I have now over-painted some of these areas again and am starting to feel happier with the modelling of the hand, with more dramatic and defined tonal contrasts, and the disruption of the painted illusion created by the stylisation of the wrist at the bottom of the composition.

Progression of the painting to date is as follows:

I do not feel as though I have quite 'broke the back' of this painting yet but am almost there. I find it difficult to let paintings go and so have put my previous painting 'Cayley' to one side so that I cannot be tempted to do anything else to it. - I have more than enough to do on 'Clasp'! Hopefully this painting will have neared completion by Saturday night after some intensive painting hours.

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