Commercial considerations

The many hours spent painting over the past couple of weeks have provided ample opportunity for my mind to wander. One thing I was pondering was how to really start selling my work, in conjunction with developing a more prolific exhibition schedule. Unfortunately the style in which I work is often very time consuming and this, coupled with a fairly limited amount of time I have to paint, means that it can take months to get one particular painting completed.

I have started to counteract this sluggish turnaround by working on more than one painting at the time. This speeds up the process as, instead of stopping work completely if I hit a creative block, I simply shift my attention to another painting. Having paintings at different stages of completion also allows me to work with particular techniques depending on my mood (this can range from very delicate fine brushwork to literally throwing paint at the canvas!).

I completed the following painting, 'Blues', as a birthday present a few years ago (apologies for quality of photographs!):

This painting was undertaken for a very specific person and is not representative of how m y studio paintings usually evolve. However, I have been told, by more than one source, that I would sell more work if I built a body of work with a similar kind of aesthetic and subject.

Finding a balance between commercialism and challenging myself as a painter is something I am going to carefully consider for my next body of work. Although I will not compromise on my style (I enjoy the challenge of trying to get disparate techniques and ideas to work together to form a cohesive statement), I certainly think that I could become more business minded about the subject matter.

Now back to finishing my current body of work. Images of the new painting, 'Cayley', to be blogged before the end of Friday (I am giving myself a strict deadline!).

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