I am frantically trying to get one of my new paintings 'Cayley' completed - I hope to get some photographs taken and uploaded over the next week. In the midst of this painting frenzy (and mild panic!) I have distracted myself from the task in hand by tidying up my studio space. This has really just been an excuse to not tackle the difficulties I have been experiencing with the painting under the pretext that a tidy studio will help me to paint more efficiently.

In the midst of the tidy up I discovered the following 'sampler' that I did earlier in the year experimenting with texture and paint application:

This is only a small canvas which has been over-painted countless times. I like it as an object and, although only a test piece, I have hung it on the wall rather than leave it hidden beneath stacks of other stuff on the studio floor.

I find making this kind of experimental piece, that would not normally leave the studio, very useful. It allows me to try things that I normally wouldn't without worrying about the end result or compositional arrangement. I definitely need to do more pieces like this to allow my work to develop and evolve. For now though I must stop distracting myself and get back to painting 'Cayley'!

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