Impending doom (AKA looming deadline)

As the deadline for an open exhibition submission deadline looms I have unfortunately not spent as much time as I would have liked painting; work, socialising and catching colds all playing their part in this absence of paintbrush action.

Over the past week I have managed to muster enough motivation to recommence work on one of the paintings 'Cayley'; results of this labour to follow shortly. I also still have a lot of work to do on the following painting, 'Clasp', that I am hoping to finish in time for the submission (these are very much a record of work in progress):

As you can see from the photographs progress has been slow but I am optimistic that I may be beginning to turn a corner towards resolving this piece. My current list of intended further work on the painting includes:

  • Working on all fingers - reshaping and shading

  • Resolving the fingernails

  • Working on the lines of the palm

  • Darkening the colours on the wrist

  • Developing more dynamic tonal contrasts.

This list is subject to change as the work evolves - I may also tinker a bit more with the background areas but will leave that to rest for now. Not much to do then?!?

Progress reports on both 'Clasp' and 'Cayley' to follow...

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