Some more old stuff

I am busy working on two new paintings this week. It has been a bit frustrating as I am currently battling with both paintings to try and resolve them, although I think that I may have cracked one of them (just need to put my theoretical plan into action!).

To give myself a break I am also in the process of packing all of the old work that I collected from my parents at the weekend. Looking back at the pieces it is interesting as, with hindsight, I can now appreciate how my own painting style has evolved. The following early work can very much be seen as an influence on my current practice:

Landscape inspired abstract pieces

(Beginning to use media in a much more intuitive way)

Chicken silhouette lino prints

(Early evidence of the influence of Pop Art in my aesthetic)

Chair shadows

(Beginning to juxtapose different methods of paint application)

All of the old stuff is now en route to the attic to be rediscovered again at some point. Back to easel again now...

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