Acceptance and rejection

As the deadline looms for an open exhibition submission I begin to firstly panic (why must I leave things until the last minute?!), and secondly look back on the work that I have submitted on previous years. I have had work both accepted and rejected for this annual open exhibition on previous years.

I always like to try and submit at least one painting as it gives me a fixed deadline to work toward, and I feel as though I am doing my bit to support a local gallery (particularly as the entrance fee increases annually)!

The following two painting are amongst those which I have submitted over the years; one was accepted and one rejected:

The first painting was rejected and the second accepted. I never take rejection to heart, and would encourage others not to as well - it's all part of the artistic experience! I enjoy using this opportunity to explore different ideas and submit work that contains different, sometimes experimental, techniques and subject matter. It is also a, sometimes harsh and always impersonal, way to get your work critiqued for consumption by a mass audience.

It has been very busy at work recently so I have not had the energy or inspiration to do much painting. I am hoping to submit three completed paintings for the exhibition this year, optimistic but hopefully not too unrealistic. The continually promised work in progress photographs of these paintings to follow soon - promise!

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