Catching-up with old friends

Whilst my exhibition was taking place at the start of the year I completed a painting as a birthday present. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to photograph this painting for my archives before presenting it to its owner. At a recent visit I did however get the opportunity to take a few photographs:

It was nice to see the painting in situ and not stacked up in my studio gathering dust like so many others!

I have recently witnessed (by the power of Facebook!) that the following series of paintings that I completed a couple of years ago are now also hanging on somebody's wall:

Not sure about the copyright issues of lifting somebody else's photograph from Facebook so these were images taken of the paintings before they were handed over to the new owner.

Plan for the coming month or so is to get two paintings that I have been working on finally finished for an exhibition deadline; 'Cayley' and 'Clasp'. If I am brave enough I will put some work in progress photographs up shortly - might help to focus my efforts!!

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