Completed mini-project

I have finally completed one of my recent on-going painting projects - a small painting as a birthday/housewarming present for a friend:

This is the orginal sketch from which I developed the painting:

I tend not to over-plan paintings; instead I opt for a more intuitive and organic approach. The method I employ of layering images and paint has allowed me to be bolder and more reactive with my image making.

I need to have a major push on two bigger paintings I am working on to try and get them finshed for an exhibition submission deadline. I also have three other mini-projects for friends to get cracking on with.

I enjoy working on several images at the same time. Moving between several works prevents me from getting despondent if I am struggling to resolve one particular painting. I increasingly find that one seemingly completety different painting can inform and help resolve issues that I am having with another piece.

Back to the easel again for now...

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