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Well I have kept my holiday promise to myself and have booked to attend a life drawing workshop this weekend. Really looking forward to it after dusting off my life drawing easel at the 2 hour workshop I attended whilst on holiday.

Although I have never really concentrated on the human figure or portraits within my work, I have occasionally completed figurative paintings. The following painting was completed back in 2004 and was exhibited locally:

This was the first time I felt that I had successfully begun to incorporate the figure into my own layered painting stlye. I was particularly pleased with the sections that, although painted in isolation, are still recognisable as belonging to the whole figure:

I am currently working on a large painting of a hand although it is far from finished. The workshop I am attending over the weekend will encourage observation of 'fragments' of the human form so I am hoping that this will not only help inform my 'hand painting', but also act as a catalyst for future work.

My re-introduction to life drawing has made me realise how challenging but rewarding working from the human figure can be.

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