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I had planned to paint for most of today, but the motivation and inspiration were not forthcoming. Although working full time means that I only have a limited amount of free time, I have learnt not to get too stressed about missing some of the opportunities that I do get to paint.

The times when I have forced myself to paint because I have a scheduled time slot, despite not being in the correct frame of mind, have often ended up being counter-productive.

To jolt me into action for the remainder of this weekend I have been sorting through and archiving electronic images of previous work to act as a catalyst to get me moving.

I was working on the following two paintings, amongst others, around this time last year for my exhibiton 'Displace':

I can remember starting to panic that I would not meet the exhibiton deadline and often forced myself to paint just because I had some free time. Unfortunately, unless I was feeling inspired, these sessions often ended up in fustration and very little progress.

These finished paintings remind me that I can still paint (and complete work in time for deadlines) despite working full time. More importantly they also remind me of the importance of doing other things with my spare time, including taking time out to explore the world around me for future inspiration!

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