Life drawing

The two hour life drawing evening class I attended in St Ives was a brilliant re-introduction as I hadn't attended any classes for nine years. The 10 minute poses gave an opportunity to work at a much quicker pace than I am now used to, and be a bit less precious with the finished images:

I have talked about it in the past but now I am definately going to try and sign up for a local workshop or class. I know from previous experience that the more you are able to practice drawing from life the better the final images become. I think that this ultimately comes down to confidence; not worrying about what other people in the class might think of your work, and realising that the work of others is unlikely to be reminiscent of the Great Masters!

Given the short time of the poses, the lack of practice over recent years, and the complex nature of some of the poses, I am fairly pleased with the results:

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