Holiday inspiration

Over a month and no blog post - I am no expert put I can guess that this is poor blogging etiquette. Life has taken over a bit over the past month so unfortunately I have not been as active on the painting front as I would have liked.

I still have a few paintings on the go and will try and get some progress photos up this weekend. In my blogging absence I went on a lovely holiday to St Ives and had a fantastic time soaking up the artistic ambience:


I found it very inspiring to be amongst a very active artistic community and even went to a local life drawing class (the first time I have attempted life drawing for nearly 9 years!). I will uncrumple some of the sketches and try and get some pictures uploaded. I must admit they varied in quality as I lapsed in and out of concentration during the session.

I also did some pottery painting, giving me a couple of more unique holiday gifts for people; a very relaxing way to spend a couple of hours on a summer afternoon.

The following beach scene, also taken during my holiday, is currently my screen saver. It is not only relaxing me from the stress of returning to working life, but is also acting as a source of summer inspiration:


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