Commissions verses own practice

Scheduled to have a full day of painting today - hooray!

I am currently working on several pieces, only one of which I would describe as my 'own practice' (e.g. it is a piece I am doing solely for my own interest). I realise that I need to try and bridge the gap between the commission work that I undertake and my own practice to start selling work on my own terms.

I will try and post progress photos of my current 'own practice' painting at the end of the day (it will be a motivator to get cracking!). In the meantime the painting below, 'Seaweed', is a work that was exhibited in an open exhibiton towards the end of last year. This was more of a study piece and, as an isolated image, is maybe a good introduction to my larger works which contain similiar still life elements but within a much more complicated composition. Now off to the easel...

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